Baan Sudthavas Chalerm Phra Kiatr Charity Home for Destitute Elderly Women was approved by The Thai Government to be one of the projects honouring His Majesty King Bhumiphol Adulayadej on the grand occasion of His Majesty’s 84th birthday.


The number of elderlies and the proportion of elderlies to total population are increasing as well as the number of elderlies who have difficulty in taking care of themselves physically or financially.


Baan Sudthavas Chalerm Phra Kiatr will be a part in improving the quality of life of Thai elderlies.


Baan Sudthavas Chalerm Phra Kiatr is determined to be a great place for living, for working, and for learning.


Baan Sudthavas Foundation (BSV) is a Thai registered charity foundation. Our main objective is to be a part of improving the quality of life of Thai elderlies. Our operations are comprised of two major parts: residential aged care and community service.


Each elderly woman in our home lives to be a good member of Sudthavas family. She has her rights and duties. She takes care of her health and relies firstly upon herself. She leads a worthy, happy, peaceful life with sufficiency and prudence.
Members of Team Sudthavas are engaged. They care. They have knowledge, skills, facts and information. They work with awareness, wisdom, sufficiency, and prudence.


We own and operate a charity home for destitute elderly women. BSV provides accommodation, clothes, food as well as social, mental, and spiritual care to destitute elderly women. We rely on the “Universal Health Care Program of Thai Government” for health care. These services are provided on a charity basis without any charge to the elderlies and without any subsidy from the Thai Government.

We commenced our low-care operations for self-assisted elderlies in January 2014, and our high-care operations for frail elderlies in July 2014.


Our home is located in Ongkharak district, Nakorn Nayok province. The site is 25 miles to the east of Bangkok. Travel time by car from downtown Bangkok is about one hour.


We have dormitories for self-assisted elderlies (low-care), frail elderlies (high-care), and elderlies with dementia. Our living areas are comprised of activities room, study room, multi-purposes hall, canteen, and kitchen. We have a Sala Dhamma (prayer hall). We also have exercise lawn, rehabilitation garden, and vegetable plots.


We aim to apply the knowledge, skills, and care programmes that we develop for our residential aged care operations for the benefit of elderlies in the society. We provide community service to the public by leading activities for elderly social clubs, by organizing public events such as Dementia Awareness Days, and by holding seminar for health and aged care professionals.